Universal Tensile Tester


The Alpha Technologies AT10 is an easy to use universal tensile tester for rubber, plastics, and additional materials. This instrument is a table top model with a maximum load value of 10kN. The AT10 performs tension, compression, peel, tear, adhesion, O-ring and other tests for QC and R&D applications. New software allows for simple recalculation of results, and data can be stored on the instrument computer’s hard drive, or interface with your LIMS network.

Max Rating

2000 lb

Force capacity

Data Acquisition

20 ms

Transfer rate




Features & Accessories

  • Comprehensive computer controlled testing with a full range of user features.
  • Basic license for tension, tear, compression, peel, adhesion and O-ring.
  • Data point selector and custom data point calculator.
  • Easily reanalyze and recalculate results.
  • Export to Excel, Word, or SQL database.
  • Software available in English, German, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Turkish.
  • Additional software licenses for additional test requirements.
  • Output to Alpha Technologies LIMS software systems.
  • Optional automatic thickness gauge interfaced with software.
  • Wide selection of load cells sizes available.


  • Load Frame Configuration: 2 column, table top, electromechanical
  • Maximum Rated Force Capacity: 10 kN (2248 lbf)
  • Force Capacity Options: 100 N, 250 N, 500 N, 1 kN, 5 kN, 10 kN
  • Test Space: single zone
  • Typical Specimens: plastics, yarn and cord, adhesives, elastomers, foam
  • Maximum Test Speed: 1500 mm/min (60 in/min)
  • Minimum Test Speed: 0.001 mm/min (0.00004 in/min)
  • Position Resolution: 0.00005 mm (0.000002 in)
  • Power Requirements: 120-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5A Single Phase
  • Air Pressure (min/max): 6.2-8.0 bar (90-120 psi)
  • Vertical Test Space: 700 mm (27.5 in)
  • Frame Dimensions: Width: 635 mm (25 in), Height: 1500 mm (59 in), Depth: 762 mm (30 in)
  • Frame Weight: 170 kg (375 lbs)
  • Force Accuracy: Combined Error:  0.018%, Linearity: 0.01%
  • Speed Accuracy: set speed >0.01 mm/min, speed accuracy is above ±1.0% of set speed
  • Position Accuracy: 0.000046 mm (0.0000018 in)
  • Strain Accuracy: 0.002 mm (0.000078 in), Linearity: 0.01%
  • Safety Protection: over-force protection, crosshead travel limits, CE-compliant electronically interlocked safety door, rear safety door, and others
  • Data Acquisition Rate: 20 ms
  • Motor & Drive System: AC Servo Motor
  • Software Languages: English, German, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Turkish
Enterprise Software
Management Software

Alpha Technologies’ Enterprise Quality Management Software package is a highly customizable LIMS solution providing precise analytics to help increase production, ensure consistency, and enable better decision making.

Features including:
  • Standard user interface for ease of use
  • Simple operation at instrument station
  • More than 150 units of measure & 35 categories
  • Custom report generation
  • Online Manager for various functions
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